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Having infrastructure ready as part of a disaster recovery plan is a valuable foundation (pun intended); it establishes where recovery will take place, and acts as the basis for all subsequent recovery planning. In essence, it takes some of the “unknown” of DR away, giving light to how the environment should look when the dust […]
The following is a real-life example of a New York City based fashion company during the aftermath of a real-life disaster, Superstorm Sandy: “After the storm hit, the streets were completely flooded 2 blocks away, the first floor offices were flooded out, and power only existed on select floors (resulting in the company even considering […]
Are You Currently Located in Florida, Georgia, Alabama, South Carolina or North Carolina And Worried About IT Downtime Due To Disasters Like Hurricane Harvey and Irma? Are you currently losing your sleep because you don’t know exactly what to do on your end to ensure a seamless preparation and what to do after Hurricane Irma […]
Our thoughts are with the people recovering from Hurricane Harvey and those bracing themselves for Hurricane Irma. In times like these, we are reminded of the importance of being prepared for a disaster. To help you plan for any disaster, we’ve included some FAQs here. Q: Besides hurricanes, what else could be considered a disaster?  […]