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Over the last few weeks, we’ve introduced you to – and educated you on – three of the most common services offered around disaster recovery. You may find that more than one service could be used to meet your needs. But are you supposed to choose just one? Would that even work for you? This […]
The success or failure of a recovery rests solely on whether you have the right backups in place. No backups, no recovery. Sometimes all that’s needed is a solid plan around what should be backed up, based on the likelihood of any given disaster event. With this in hand, organizations can craft a backup strategy […]
To remain competitive today, many organizations feel the pressure – and, therefore, strive – to be down as little as is possible. This need to have services and applications available to customers and employees alike is so great that downtime itself is now measured in counts of single-digit minutes. Traditionally, recovery is a function of backup […]