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3 Reasons Why Your DR Plan Needs a Plan
The concept of building a DR plan is far more complex than you think and requires some planning before IT ever puts proverbial “pen to paper” writing up how you’ll address a disaster. I remember a ridiculous mock final exam question that has stuck with me over the years – “Define the Universe, be brief […]
Why Your Disaster Recovery Plan Should Be Based on Risk
While IT tends to start and end anything with the tech involved, DR planning requires starting with the business and the risk of losing operations and planning recovery from there. Your technology DR plan can’t just be a culmination of steps to be taken to recover a certain data set or bring a given system […]
The 3 Most Influential People Who Help Build Your DR Plan
DR plans impact the entire organization. So, it makes sense that IT can’t just build a plan on a proverbial island.  There are a few individuals that can help provide context and make it a success. You’re ready to sit down and finally build a comprehensive DR plan, but you only have your own perspective […]
Every DR effort revolves around what needs to take place during a disruption. And, as you walk through the process of building a DR plan (if you haven’t already), you’re going to find that what you need to deliver and what you can deliver are two very different things.  There are many reasons why you have gaps in your […]