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This pandemic will no doubt make every short-list of “world’s worst events” for decades to come. But the lockdowns themselves won’t last that long.  At some point in the relatively near future, your company will find its way back to something resembling normal operations—even if that doesn’t look exactly like the pre-COVID normal. So now […]
Earlier this month Brad Jervis conducted a webinar with Dave Russell, who serves at Veeam’s vice president of enterprise strategy. Before joining Veeam, Dave was a vice president and distinguished analyst covering disaster recovery (DR) and data protection for Gartner. Suffice to say, these two know backup and DR backward and forwards. So, fittingly, in […]
Most cloud backup and DR solutions don’t have enough redundancy. More specifically, they lack one of the most important types: geographic redundancy. Here’s why that is vital to any effective backup or DR infrastructure. Imagine you have an online service that backs up and protects your corporate data, applications, and systems at an offsite data […]
When they think of protecting their digital infrastructure and intellectual property, most corporate executives think in terms of “data backup.” The more forward-looking of these senior managers might ask for “cloud backup,” because they understand the drawbacks of trying to back up their mission-critical digital assets entirely onsite. But is a backup solution—even a 100% […]