As a business development (marketing and advertising) guru, you may ask yourself, ‘Why would a person with this skill set write about something like software upgrades from a virtual machine (VM) backup company?’ The answer quite simply, because this software company and its products are stellar from stem to stern. Who am I talking about? Pure and simple, Veeam.

From a marketing angle, Veeam has hit the proverbial ‘nail on the head’, in offering some terrific features to an already awesome piece of software, i.e. v7 and its predecessors. The Veeam team listened to the needs of technical people everywhere regarding backing up and replicating VMs, and thoroughly delivered on those needs. From where I sit, I can say that it’s much easier to promote a product that is tailored to the needs of the IT community at large. Even Veeam’s marketing team makes my life easier. They actually reached out to the company I proudly represent to basically say, ‘Hey, what do you think about how we’re doing?’ Our feedback can be seen in the link below where they included our comments on a recent press release. Who does that in this day in age? Veeam does!

When our sales and technical teams explain how feature-rich Veeam v7 is in general, and then discuss the host of new features in v8, the product almost sells itself. Of course it helps that the company I work for, OffsiteDataSync, provides a very strong infrastructure to support Veeam’s backup and replication. And yes, we have an amazing set of technical people to make Veeam run like a Porsche for our clients, but really there’s nothing like an offering that has a superior product, backed by terrific support as well.

With features like Cloud Connect and WAN acceleration, bottom line: Veeam is an even easier sell. There’s no need to fuss with VPNs anymore, no sir/madam! Push your backups through SSL. Bam…now we’re talking!

Without further marketing hype, let’s take a look at some key highlights of v8; also seen here: Veeam Cloud Connect press release:

• Hosted offsite backups: Get your backups off site to a hosted cloud repository through an SSL connection and cloud gateway.
• Complete visibility and control: Access and recover data in hosted backup repositories directly from the backup console.
• Leverage Built-in WAN Acceleration, Backup Copy jobs, forever incremental backups

With offerings like this, I’m a marketing guru that is satisfied. To Veeam, a job well done!