Office 365 Data Protection

Even the cloud experiences storms. Protect your Office 365 environment with cloud-to-cloud backups.

It’s your data. You own it. You control it.

Who is protecting your data in Office 365?

The assumption is that your critical business data is safe in Office 365 and always accessible, available and current.  What about protection against data loss, data corruption, human error or natural disasters?  Proper backups are necessary along with retention policies to meet compliance or eDiscovery requirements.

Why Cloud-to-Cloud?

Cloud-to-Cloud (C2C) backups keep with the cloud vision of availability, accessibility, and redundancy of services.  Backed up Office 365 data is highly available, making your data protection efforts equal to the service level efforts of Office 365.  It removes the organization’s reliance upon Office 365 to protect its data, allows for instant restoration directly back into Office 365 or a direct download to local storage, and serves as a historical storage repository for all of your Office 365 backups.  Individual items, folders or entire mailboxes can be easily and quickly recovered back to Office 365 allowing an organization to quickly resume business operations