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When they think of protecting their digital infrastructure and intellectual property, most corporate executives think in terms of “data backup.” The more forward-looking of these senior managers might ask for “cloud backup,” because they understand the drawbacks of trying to back up their mission-critical digital assets entirely onsite. But is a backup solution—even a 100% […]

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Most cloud backup and DR solutions don’t have enough redundancy. More specifically, they lack one of the most important types: geographic redundancy. Here’s why that is vital to any effective backup or DR infrastructure. Imagine you have an online service that backs up and protects your corporate data, applications, and systems at an offsite data […]

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As we highlighted in an earlier blog, more than one hundred thousand global organizations running Exchange email servers have been hacked due to backdoors that allowed hackers complete remote control of their servers and access to their emails. Security experts are now tasked with assisting victims before the hackers revisit their servers and plant additional hacking […]

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Ransom paid has practically tripled in one year, with the average ransom paid by victim organizations across the US, Canada, and Europe going from $115,123 in 2019 to $312,493 in 2020. That’s a 171% year-over-year increase according to Palo Alto Network’s Unit 42s 2021 Ransomware Threat Report. Key findings in Unit 42’s report reveal greed and […]

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Over 100,000 organizations around the globe have been hacked via Microsoft email servers. A “web shell” backdoor gave the hackers total remote control allowing them to read all email, and infiltrate other machines. Industry engineers are rushing to identify, and alert victims to prevent from further destructions. The largest problem – many still do not […]

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Are you part of the 23% that doesn’t test their disaster recovery plan? You have a disaster recovery (DR) plan, and, so far as you and company management knows, it will work. But if something fails, are you certain that recovery will be quick and painless? Have you tested it to make sure? Because if […]

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Backup and disaster recovery are among the most heavily studied and surveyed IT functions. Every month, a report or two is released by one or more research houses or vendors, and given the wealth of data, it’s easy to say, “Ah, well, there’s another one,” and ignore them. But taken all together, there’s a lot […]

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When it comes to handling ransomware, it’s not a matter of whether your company will be targeted, but when. New variants are continually emerging. Pay-or-get-breached schemes – in which ransom is demanded and data is leaked if not paid – saw quarter over quarter increases throughout 2020. Nefilim, which exploits weak remote access in Citrix, used a deceased admin’s credentials to […]

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Data protection used to be relatively simple, so simple that the need for a true backup service provider wasn’t known. The process was to back up everything to tape after hours and then keep them around for a certain period of time until you feel safe shipping it offsite to a third-party repository.  Of course, […]

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If you were following tech news in  2020—or if your company was  back in the office and you’re close enough to hear your employees scream—you know Microsoft Office 365 suffered several significant outages towards the end of the year. More accurately, millions of Office 365’s customers suffered.  These incidents serve as a reminder that effective cloud backup […]

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