2017 has been an amazing year at OffsiteDataSync.

‍We’ve spent a long time laying a foundation for OffsiteDataSync’s rapid growth, and this was the year we could see everything really come together in a powerful way.

‍We’re making progress towards our mission of protecting data and ensuring business continuity by helping organizations follow the industry best practices, and aligning with their existing on-prem technologies.

‍In keeping with tradition (this is our 2nd year sharing an annual recap), here are a few of the things we were most excited about in 2017:


‍Everything we do is for you – our customers and partners. Thanks for working or partnering with us on this journey and being a part of what makes us a company. Thank you for your feedback and your patience as we improve. We couldn’t do it without you.

New (and Expanded) Partnerships

‍We also made big strides with our partners. We launched a new and improved partnership program with MSPs and we extended our reach to distribution partners like Promark Technology.

‍You can read more about this partnership here.

OffsiteDataSync in Enterprise

‍When OffsiteDataSync was in its early stages, we worked with SMBs. These customers are still very much a part of our company, but we’ve also extended our attention to the Enterprise. Large enterprises have complex environments – often a mix of VMs and physical machines, it’s challenging to have a solution that covers everything at once.  By working with multiple platforms, we allow enterprises to work seamlessly.

‍‍Awesome Team

‍We added new team members across all departments this year and we’re looking to welcome more people in 2018!

‍We’ve significantly beefed up our engineering, development and product teams so that we can accelerate building new and exciting functionality for you.

‍We’re very excited to have all our employees from across North America mingle in snowy upstate NY for our holiday party!

New Office

‍Because we have added so many new team members, we doubled the size of our headquarters! It’s been a massive upgrade and it’ll support our big growth plans as well as help the team be more effective.

In the Press

‍We always love to see mentions in the press. Here are a few that stood out:

Moving into 2018

What does OffsiteDataSync’s 2018 look like?

‍We’re enabling organizations to set up and optimize their Veeam software efficiently by providing our expertise in these areas.

‍Imagine a world where you don’t need to worry about whether or not your data is being backed up. You know your organization will be up and running no matter what, so you can focus your time and energy on business objectives. It would be awesome, right? That’s what we want to help you achieve.

‍We’re simplifying offsite backup and disaster recovery process so that painful processes disappear into the background, and you get to focus on what you do best.

‍What will you see us doing?

Thanks for being an important part of this journey! You made it possible.