It wasn’t that long ago that data protection fell under the responsibilities of an IT generalist. After all, there really was nothing particularly complicated about doing a nightly backup to tape and then shipping off a copy to Iron Mountain. 

Now, however, it’s a whole new ballgame. Ransomware attacks, natural disasters and an increased reliance on IT to run basic day-to-day functions means that the C-suite expects to return to normal in hours, not days or weeks following a catastrophic event.  Building, monitoring and — if disaster strikes — using systems that can rapidly recover large amounts of data is a complex task that requires specialized skills. And that’s why many organizations are turning to MSPs like OffsiteDataSync for data protection.

Bret Piatt, our CEO, writes about how backup has evolved into a specialist field in MSPInsights in White Hat MSP: Why Backup Is No Longer A Generalist’s Game. There’s a whole lot more behind the links — be sure to give it a read!