The Colonial Pipeline ransomware attack was huge news for many reasons (not the least of which was the gasoline panic buying it caused in the Southeast). But one of the most notable for IT was the fact that the company paid a $4.4 million ransom in Bitcoin to recover its data. Wouldn’t an organization that large, that manages critical energy infrastructure have backups?

Certainly, they did. Most likely, though, they decided it would be faster and, ultimately, less expensive to pay ransom than to spend weeks, maybe months recovering all their data.

The problem of ransomware for most companies is not always about a lack of backups. It’s often about a lack of rapid recovery.

Our CEO, Bret Piatt, writes about this issue at Beta News: Ransomware: Even backups may not save you. In the article, he provides guidance for building a data protection strategy and systems that will truly enable companies to ignore the ransom demand with confidence should their data ever get hit in an attack. Check it out!