Cloud Provider, OffsiteDataSync, Inc. Grows Client Base 80 Percent Per Year with Veeam + Cisco UCS – Veeam Success Story Read original by Veeam 

“I attribute much of our customer growth rate to Veeam and Cisco. The tight integration between the two solutions combined with their scalability make it easy for us to deploy services for customers quickly, easily and seamlessly.” – Matthew Chesterton, Chief Executive Officer, OffsiteDataSync, Inc.

The Business Challenge

OffsiteDataSync began as a managed service provider (MSP) for small companies but quickly recognized an opportunity to move upmarket by offering specialized backup and disaster recovery (DR) services to larger companies.

“We differentiated ourselves from competitors early on with ‘fit,’” said Matthew Chesterton, Chief Executive Officer at OffsiteDataSync. “Most service providers were delivering set services and expecting customers to conform to them. We took a different approach by customizing each solution to fit the exact needs of each customer. Our goal has always been to become their backup and recovery expert so they can become an always-on business and focus on growing their company.”

Helping customers become an always-on business means OffsiteDataSync has to ensure their data is available 24.7.365. This involves meeting service level agreements (SLAs) with very aggressive recovery time and points objectives (RTPO™).

OffsiteDataSync’s business challenge was finding a reliable and scalable availability solution that would complement and integrate seamlessly with its cloud infrastructure, which is powered by Cisco Unified Computing System™ (Cisco UCS®).

The Veeam Solution + Cisco UCS

OffsiteDataSync deployed Veeam® Availability Suite™ in its Cisco UCS cloud. Next OffsiteDataSync organized backup and recovery services around Veeam to simplify and strengthen its cloud offerings. Today OffsiteDataSync provides thousands of customers with Backup as a Service (BaaS), Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS) and Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS)—all powered by Veeam and Cisco UCS.

“We’ve become our customers’ backup and recovery expert,” Chesterton said. “Veeam and Cisco UCS enable us to deliver 24.7.365 Availability by meeting the most aggressive RTPO in the industry—fewer than 15 minutes. Our customers count on us for data availability so they can focus on growing their businesses.”

Customers aren’t the only ones growing their businesses. OffsiteDataSync’s customer base is growing by 80 percent each year.

“I attribute much of our customer growth rate to Veeam and Cisco,” Chesterton said. “The tight integration between the two solutions combined with their scalability make it easy for us to deploy services for customers quickly, easily and seamlessly.”

One of the services OffsiteDataSync recommends to customers is borne out of tight integration and scalability. Veeam Software and Cisco collaborated to offer an integrated and pre-configured data availability solution based on Veeam and Cisco UCS technology. The Veeam Availability Solution for Cisco UCS comes ready for deployment and is verified jointly by Veeam and Cisco.

“This is a best-of-breed solution that is perfect for anyone requiring an advanced, enterprise-class data availability solution,” Chesterton said. “It’s easy to deploy and manage and can expand over time.”

The Veeam Availability Solution for Cisco UCS triggered the beginning of OffsiteDataSync’s successful channel program.

“Our channel partners recognize the value Veeam and Cisco UCS bring to the table, and they’re eager to tap into one of the fastest-growing and most profitable industries.”

A key component of the Veeam Availability Solution for Cisco UCS is Veeam Cloud Connect, which lets customers back up and replicate their on-premises virtual machines (VMs) to the cloud. Chesterton said deploying instances of Veeam Cloud Connect is fast and simple thanks to the very scalable Cisco UCS platform, enabling his company to deploy multiple instances at once and save time.

“When you save time, you save money,” he said. “That time savings, combined with the time our engineers already save managing the Cisco UCS platform—it’s so easy and straightforward—affords more time for research and development (R&D).”

That means OffsiteDataSync’s engineers don’t only manage the business—they build it.

“Building the business is critical,” Chesterton said. “We’re creating products that will enhance what we currently offer, such as data analytics. I credit Veeam and Cisco UCS for giving us the time to work on R&D and build the business.”

Building the business requires scalability, and that’s what makes Veeam and Cisco UCS unique. Veeam backs up more than 10,000 VMware vSphere and Microsoft Hyper-V VMs (5PB of data) in a massive Cisco UCS infrastructure that spans five data centers.

“You can’t underestimate the power of scalability,” Chesterton said. “When a windstorm destroyed electrical lines in Rochester and a Veeam customer needed to fail into our data center, we easily accommodated his resource footprint thanks to Cisco UCS. We quickly allocated what he needed for CPU and RAM so he could access his data.”

Chesterton said choosing Veeam and Cisco UCS were two of the best business decisions he’s made.

“We chose Veeam and Cisco UCS because they offer the best functionality and value in the industry. There’s no better Availability solution than Veeam and there’s no better data center platform than Cisco UCS.”

The Results