Organizations have embraced software as a service (SaaS) and why not? It’s delivered dramatic savings in storage, much greater IT cost efficiency, and even facilitated remote work during an unexpected pandemic. However, a critical vulnerability exists for companies who assume their vendor is covering their SaaS data backup – because they very well may not be. 

A data protection and cloud strategy report from ESG noted over a third of organizations depend solely on the SaaS vendor to protect their data. That’s a problem because a lot of vendors operate on a shared responsibility model, and the user has this responsibility. So if a company isn’t backing it up, they won’t be able to fully recover from an outage. And according to Veeam, the average outage costs companies $88K, with large enterprises losing millions. 

Our CTO, Nathan Anderson, takes a look at the issues in a piece that recently appeared in Toolbox. Read “Make Sure Your SaaS Data is Covered: Back It Up!” to learn more and get some tips on how to come up with an effective SaaS data backup posture.