City and county governments are some of cybercriminals’ favorite targets for ransomware. Over the past few years, major cities like Atlanta, New Orleans and Baltimore have been left nearly dead in the water from an IT perspective after devastating attacks rifled through nearly all their data. Some, like Delaware County, chose to pay ransom, while others, like Atlanta and Baltimore, chose to recover without paying.

The difference in their experience is stark. Delaware County paid a $500,000 ransom to get their data back, while Atlanta paid $17 million on a recovery effort that spanned many months. The lesson, of course, isn’t that governments should simply pay the ransom, however. The lesson is that public sector IT needs to think as much or more about rapid recovery as it does backup, as  our CEO Bret Piatt writes in a recent article published in GCN.

To see Bret’s guidance on how to ensure that public sector IT can get city and state governments back to business quickly after a ransomware attack without paying up, read the article: Avoid being held captive by ransomware with secure, reliable backups.