The lack of availability to a weight and balance planning application stopped flights from taking off, causing a ripple effect of further problems with passengers.

Major airlines, including Southwest Airlines, Delta Air Lines, American Airlines, United Airlines and Alaska Air were temporarily grounded when a vendor servicing multiple carriers and 21,000 flights daily had a system outage.  Aircraft software manufacturer Aerodata’s planning weight and balance program went down, causing planes that hadn’t left to be delayed and flights taxiing to runways to return to their gates.  All in, it was only about a 40-minute outage, but one that still comes with repercussions – particularly in the travel industry. 

Most connecting flights only allow for 30-60 minutes between connections, so a 40-minute delay can be the difference between making your sister’s wedding or that big business meeting… or not. And having one bad experience can make the difference between retaining a customer and losing one. In the disaster recovery and business continuity industry, 40 minutes is really an eternity.  With the right DRaaS provider, options exist today to achieve availability in a matter of seconds to single-digit minutes. In the case of Aerodata, where 21,000 parts of other company’s operations depend on you, having a plan in place to achieve hyper-availability is not just a good idea, but necessary