Recently, Veeam and OffsiteDataSync conducted a timely webinar, “Microsoft Office 365: Essential Backup for Remote Workers.” It combined the knowledge of two experts on backup and recovery; Karinne Bessette, product strategy technologist for Veeam, and Jim Jones, OffsiteDataSync’s senior cloud architect. Jones is also a Veeam Vanguard, a designation reserved for that company’s top influencers.

The importance of Office 365 backup, Microsoft’s retention policies and shared responsibility model were front-and-center. How Veeam and OffsiteDataSync team up to keep this data protected from all types of threats puts a spotlight on an effective solution to an overlooked and dangerous problem.

Here’s what was covered and why folks have been asking for the webinar replay.

The great migration

The presenters shared some powerful data. Office 365 — a mainstay of everyday business across the globe — recently saw an explosion of 12 million additional users in a single week due to new remote work demands. That means there are 44 million active users requiring backup and recovery. 

The duo discussed how remote workers expand data protection vulnerabilities by using a range of devices that often lack patches and basic security protocols, a situation many companies can do little to control. Yet, according to a survey conducted by Veeam, an alarming 57% of companies that already had suffered data loss said they STILL were not backing up Office 365 data.

And if you want to know what causes data loss to begin with, Bessette offered these top three reasons:

The Shared Responsibility Model: 30 Days Before Deletion

For many, the single, most important point of information imparted by the presenters was that most companies need to understand the Microsoft shared responsibility model and what it entails. Simply put, Microsoft’s responsibility stops at the infrastructure. The data a company generates is its responsibility and so is ensuring its long-term retention. 

And here’s the kicker. After 30 days, Microsoft automatically deletes all data in the recycle bin. Unless a customer has backed that up, those files are gone forever, a point administrators often realize when it’s too late to do anything about it.  

Microsoft Retention policies

Can you back that up?

Contract details. Litigation needs. Proof of compliance. The list of why data needs to be backed-up, retained and restorable is long. And, as an example of how the right approach can easily take care of this looming problem, Bessette and Jones discussed OffsiteDataSync’s Office 365 Cloud to Cloud Backup — the #1 type of solution for the product — powered by Veeam. 

A recipient of the VeeamOn Best of Show Innovation Award in 2019, OffsiteDataSync’s solution offers comprehensive protection against data loss scenarios not covered by Microsoft. Particular highlights include simple and fast granular recovery, one-click cloud backup, intelligence to find and restore data, and long-term retention, which basically ensures that, once you start with us, you’re covered. 

But why take our word for it? In the webinar, Bessette and Jones launch into a demo of our portal illustrating how easy it is to use, the options available, and its admin capabilities, with a real-time demonstration of our restore capabilities in action. 

To get the details, check out our free replay of “Microsoft Office 365: Essential Backup for Remote Workers,” available now