OffsiteDataSync Utilizes Cutting Edge Software for Intelligent Data Storage

ROCHESTER, N.Y. – July 31, 2014
OffsiteDataSync is excited to announce the utilization of a revolutionizing software-defined data storage solution called CEPH. The company is using CEPH to accommodate the exponential growth of data it’s seeing from its growing customer base.

CEPH is an open-source, massively scalable, self-healing storage system which provides storage in a single platform. CEPH was developed by the recently acquired Inktank. Red Hat acquired Inktank in April of this year.

The President and CEO of OffsiteDataSync, Matthew Chesterton, stated, “CEPH completely changes the way we store data for our customers. It completely separates the hardware from the software which allows us to store data more efficiently and more cost-effectively.” Chesterton added, “In addition, the software-defined storage eliminates points of failure seen on traditionally-based storage systems. That translates into delivering a better product to our customers.”

The company is looking well into the future to accommodate the growing number of customers who want scalable, cost-friendly and reliable Cloud-based storage.

OffsiteDataSync was founded in Rochester, NY in 2002 on the belief that data retention and disaster recovery requires a unique expertise, solid technology and guaranteed service.

OffsiteDataSync holds an international presence through partnerships and provides data retention, disaster recovery and cloud computing services to some of the nation’s largest organizations. We maintain a flexible approach to real-world problems by maintaining an agile workforce while constantly evaluating, developing and updating our technology solutions to meet 21st century demands. OffsiteDataSync operates in data centers based in Rochester, Philadelphia, and Las Vegas.