What is Disaster Declaration?

A disaster declaration is a formal notification process sent to OffsiteDataSync that accomplishes two main functions:

  1. It sets the OffsiteDataSync restoration and recovery process in motion based on your Disaster Recovery Plan (DRP).
  2. It notifies and activates your OffsiteDataSync team to assist you through your disaster and provide access to your corporate information.

A disaster declaration is major event and should be done so only in the event of a true disaster. The call out fee for a disaster declaration is $1,500.00, billed to your organization upon submission.

Classifications of Disasters:

Disasters can be defined as disk crashes, power failures, human error, and natural disasters such as floods, hurricanes, tornados or earthquakes – all of which have the potential to stop the flow of data at one or more of your facilities.

***To declare a disaster, please call toll free: 888.800.4380, or email us at support@offsitedatasync.com***