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Acquisition FAQs

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What’s different and how does this affect my data?

  • OffsiteDataSync is now a subsidiary of KeepitSafe, Inc., a cloud backup business unit brand which is owned by J2 Global. This means that OffsiteDataSync will be able to grow and expand service delivery to our customers providing greater levels of operational capacity and enhancing the customer experience.
  • Matt Chesterton is no longer the CEO but will continue to work with OffsiteDataSync in a consolatory capacity through the end of 2019. All of the existing staff that you have become acquainted with are still present and dedicated to supporting you as a customer. If you do not know who your account executive is please reach out to
  • Your data will reside in the same data center it was prior to the acquisition.

Will the same people who supported me in the past continue to deliver my support?

  • Yes. You will have system, sales, and support continuity. OffsiteDataSync is dedicated to maintaining and increasing the quality of innovation, support, and service that you have come to expect.
  • You should continue to use the same support telephone numbers, emails, and web portals that you have been using.




Phone: 585-256-2054

Will I have to sign a new agreement?

  • No, all current agreements remain in place and nothing new needs signed. All contracts have transferred as part of the transition.

Is there anything that I need to do?

  • The banking has changed, a notice was sent out to the billing contact on your account with “how to” instructions.
  • You don’t have to change/do anything else.

Will pricing change?

  • No, current agreed-upon pricing stays intact.

What are the acquiring company’s priorities and plans for the future?

  • We will continue to maintain the OffsiteDataSync brand and leverage the high-quality service delivery that you have come to know and expect to grow and expand the business.
  • We will be further investing in the best of breed data protections services to develop and expand our global cloud backup footprint.
  • We are expanding our talent pool with skilled experts to enhance the white glove services OffsiteDataSync customers have come to expect.

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