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This article details the process of restoring from your deleted cloud backups, should they be deleted by ransomware or an inside threat. Before proceeding with this process, you should ensure there is no longer an inside threat or any ransomware, otherwise you may risk losing these backups as well.

To begin, you will want to contact OffsiteDataSync Support ( as these deleted backups are not visible to you in any way. Once we have been notified, a case will be created to track the process and assigned to our support team. We will then coordinate with you to transfer the deleted backups to your site, either by WAN transfer or seed drive. Once the backups have been transferred, proceed with the following steps:

  1. Open the file location and double-click on the VBK file
  2. Veeam will read the backup files and open a window that lets you select the VM you wish to restore, as well as the restore type
  3. Once you select the restore type, you will get to choose the restore point to restore from
  4. Click Next to set the Reason for the restore (optional), then finish to begin the restore process.
    1. This process differs based on the type of restore performed, but is the same as performing a normal restore from a backup job

Once done, you will need to run an active full on your existing cloud job or create a new one. If you have any questions regarding this process, please contact our support team.