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This knowledge base article details the OffsiteDataSync seed drive process. Please note: an OffsiteDataSync Engineer must be on the phone for the seeding process. Proceeding with instructions without an engineer may cause for a secondary seed drive to be sent and billed to the customer.

After requesting a seed drive, a new support ticket will be created for tracking purposes and for communication about the seed drive. If you have any questions during the process, you can reply to the case email. OffsiteDataSync will then ship you a seed drive of necessary size, and provide you with a tracking number so you can track the drive as well. Once the drive arrives, please verify its contents. It will contain the seed drive, a USB cable, a power adapter (if the drive requires power), and a return shipping label. If anything listed is not included in your package, please contact OffsiteDataSync. The same box and package material should be used to ship the drive back.

Once the contents are verified, respond to your case email or call our technical support line at (585) 256-2054 option 2. An OffsiteDataSync engineer will schedule a remote session to setup a seed job to be used to transfer the data. While on the phone, the engineer will do the following:

  • Setup the seed drive as a backup repository in Veeam
  • Create a backup copy job to send data to the seed drive

After the data has been transferred to the seed drive, ship the drive back to OffsiteDataSync using the same box and package material and let us know by responding to the case. Once OffsiteDataSync receives the seed drive, we will hook the drive up to our servers and transfer the data to your repository. The engineer will let you know that the data has started transferring to your cloud repository.  Once the data has been transferred successfully, the engineer will contact you to setup a remote session. During that session, the same jobs used to push the data to the seed drive will re-mapped to work with the backups from your cloud repository.  After this point the seed drive will be scheduled for secure erasure per DOD standards of customer proprietary data.  This is performed to ensure that the data is irrecoverable by another party.  Any subsequent need for this data will require another seed drive.

Once the jobs have been verified to be working after the seed drive process, the case will be closed.