Today, we’re going to look at how to migrate a backup from a Veeam local repository that we wish to decommission to a Veeam Scale-out Backup Repository.

As you can see, we have a backup job pointed to a target that is a local repository. To get started, let’s click on Backup Infrastructure. Click on Backup Repositories. Here we have our target and as you can see it is the local F drive. Now we want to add this repo to an existing Scale-out Repository. So, we’ll click Scale-out Repositories and right click the repository. Click Properties. Click Next. Now, we’ll click add.

We’ll select our local repository and click OK. Click Next. You’ll see that Veeam alerts us that jobs and backups are using the extent we just added and will be updated for us. Let’s click Show Items to verify. Since this is the job we want to change, we’ll click Yes to proceed. Click Next. Click Apply. Click Finish.

Let’s open a file browser and check the F drive. Our backup is still in the F drive. If we weren’t decommissioning this volume, we could just leave it as an added extent. So, in order to migrate the data, we need to evacuate this extent. So, we’ll click on Backup Repositories. Right-click the extent and click maintenance mode. Now that it’s in maintenance mode, we will click Evacuate backups. Veeam alerts us that backups will be evacuated from the extent. We can click Show extents to verify. Since this is the extent we want to evacuate, we’ll click Yes to proceed. Now this step can take several minutes, so we’ll pick it up once it’s complete.

Now that the extent has been evacuated, let’s open a file browser and view the F drive. As you can see, this volume is now empty. Let’s jump over to the other extent and verify the backup is there. And you can see that it is. Now we can remove the F drive from the Scale-out Repository. So, once again we’ll go to the properties. Select the empty extent and click Remove. Next through the wizard. Click Apply and click Finish.

Let’s go back to Backup Repositories. At this point, we could remove the repository from Veeam and delete the volume from the server. But, we’ll leave it for now. And that’s how to migrate a backup from a local repository to a Scale-out Repository.