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As you may have recently seen, we have strengthened our partnership with Zerto and are now a Gold-Level Alliance Partner,  which demonstrates how important they have become to our customers and the services we provide.

Zerto enables us to provide continuous data protection (CDP), which means customers get recovery time objectives (RTOs) and recovery point objectives (RPOs) that are usually measured in seconds and never more than just a couple of minutes. If you have applications and data for which there is zero tolerance for downtime, Zerto and ODS can provide near instant recovery with essentially no data loss. 

Here’s how we do it. 

Zerto continuously replicates a customer’s virtual infrastructure to our Tier IV data center without any disruption to the production environment. Our data center is powered by technologies from Cisco Systems and Nimble Storage, so it can handle any DR scenario and is ready to fail over whenever customers  need it. It’s also secure — we encrypt all data in transit — and compliant with initiatives such as SOC2, PCI, HIPAA, and ITAR. And, customers can automate the process of testing and failover to automate recovery, further minimizing disruptions. 

Together, our organizations can deliver a complete DR solution that ensures the continuous availability of data and applications, whether they’re on-premises or in cloud environments. 

You may be wondering which use cases would be best suited for Zerto? For some organizations, any downtime is unacceptable, so a continuous data protection (CDP) solution makes the most sense. But for most, not every system or data set requires this level of protection. For instance, if email is down for half an hour, that’s inconvenient, but it probably won’t have a serious impact on operations or revenue.

On the other hand, if your enterprise resource planning (ERP) system goes down, that could mean that it’s impossible to receive and fulfill orders. If your call center communications platform goes offline, your company could lose business and disrupt customers, not to mention idling hundreds of employees. And what about Active Directory? If you lose it, employees may not be able to access any of the applications they need to do their jobs.

It’s all about cost vs risk. So it’s important to determine what the acceptable risk is for each system and how much the organization is willing to invest to reach that level or risk, and that risk will differ from app to app. IT needs to work closely with business managers to understand how critical each system is to daily business operations and the tolerance for downtime and data loss. 

OffsiteDataSync can help. We’ve created data protection and DR plans for hundreds of organizations that maximize protection of the most vital digital assets given available budget. That’s why we establish partnerships with industry leaders like Zerto. The relationship unites top performers in their respective ends of the DRaaS realm for the most effective data protection possible, while providing options and flexibility to meet individual needs and budgets.

Get in touch with us at We’d be happy to help you determine where CDP makes the most sense within your organization.