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Veeam Backup for Microsoft Office 365

Now with Veeam V9.5 customers can backup Office 365 to local backup repositories and use the Veeam Explorer for Exchange for flexible granular restore options either back to Office 365, on –prem Exchange or to a PSST file.

Yes, we said it, fiscally irresponsible. There are many reasons an organization chooses to build their own DR site and most of these are perceived advantages. So let’s take a quick look at a few of these (1) I have extra equipment that I can use to save on majority of the cost (2) I have space across town and I want to be able to drive to my DR site in the event I have to recover data quickly (3) We have a team of people to manage a DR site, we don’t need the cloud. First, can we all agree you should NEVER be able to drive to your DR site quickly? Second, it can be guaranteed that setting up, maintaining and testing functionality of a physical DR site is not going to bode well in a CTO’s strategic plan. Yes there may be extra equipment you have that can be repurposed however if more than three years old and out of warranty than we should look at a DR site for you DR site. Setting up equipment, resources, and implementation of the DR plan chews up time, the one thing every IT professional wants more of. Now fast forward 9 months, there is a fire in the building and you have to failover to your DR site temporarily. Can you do this effectively and within required RPO and RTO’s without 24 hours days and around the clock manpower from your entire IT team? Let’s looks at the top three reason why leveraging a cloud service provider strengthens your companies DRaaS (1) Reduce failover time by utilizing DR professionals (2) Conform to procedural, external and social compliances (3) Increase profitability by decreasing downtime and increasing internal resources to focus on day to day IT needs and long-term projects that have been on the back burner for far too long. So this brings us to the most important words you will read all day, why DRaas? It’s simple: to remove time, management attention and cost in order to focus on core strategic initiatives within the organization.

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