To support customers with multi-year, compliance-based archival requirements from government organizations to law offices, and more Veeam has long had the Grandfather, Father, Son technology built into its backup copy jobs. This allows an administrator to schedule yearly, quarterly, monthly and weekly synthetic full backups at regular intervals to be compliant with industry-wide and organizational record keeping standards. In the past, each point would occupy the same space as a full backup, leading to excessive costs for customers with multi-year archival retention needs.

With the release of the Veeam Availability Suite 9.5 OffsiteDataSync is excited to announce a new service for customers with these needs, BUaaS for Compliance and Archival powered by spaceless GFS retention. BUaas for Compliance and Archival will work the same as regular Veeam Backup. However, OffsiteDataSync will leverage the technology available with the Veeam Availability Suite 9.5 and its integration with Windows Server 2016 and REFS 3.0 based repositories. This will allow customers to keep their full backup files independent of a backup chain while using a fraction of the storage on the back end; equating to huge space savings on archival data over traditional Veeam Cloud Connect backups. Watch and learn more!