I always feel like the average American has a deep distaste for their computers and Internet connections — at least when they aren’t working properly (just stating the obvious). A recent study I read conducted by Harris Interactive, found that 53 percent of Americans are unhappy with their computers, and of those, 95 percent say those problems are a source of major stress. Duh, right?

To be honest, when the company I work for experienced some office Internet connectivity issues earlier this week, a modicum of stress set in just waiting for our backup Internet connection to kick in. Less than a two minute downtime created enough stress people went on a walk about the office just to vent.

Okay, out of my protective bubble world with a redundant Internet connection, and on to looking at just how stressful those slow load times, crashes and poorly performing programs really affect us as a nation?

The study revealed that 47 percent of respondents found computer issues more stressful than choosing what to wear to work, while 27 percent said it was more stressful than a being stuck in a traffic jam and 21 percent said it was worse than going through airport security when reaching a connecting flight after international travel. 19 percent said computer problems were more stressful than dealing with finances. You heard it right, computing havoc is worse than finances, the most common reason people argue in the first place. This reminds me of what Mark Twain used to say in that, “Golf is a good walk spoiled.” It has been proven that golf is actually one of the most stressful of all sports. The difference though is people actually choose to play golf. You don’t get away from the computing in the working world.

The company I work for, OffsiteDataSync, strives to eliminate the stresses of computing. No one runs a Cloud that all together eliminates stress, but we do our best and here’s how. It may seem basic, but we choose reliable Internet Service Providers (ISPs) and recommend customers always have a redundant Internet signal from another ISP. The Cloud we provide is only as good as the Internet coming into your organization. We build our Cloud, OffsiteCloud, with redundant Internet sources and have plenty of bandwidth so that your connection to our Cloud (by design) never goes down. We also make sure that programs are up to date and have the latest patches so that you don’t have frequent crashes of high level programs. The very nature of Cloud computing says, ‘who cares if you drop your laptop/tablet and it gets run over in the parking lot,’ you simply log into your Cloud desktop from another computer. Get a new laptop or tablet; they’re pretty cheap these days.

I invite you to take a look at how much you find yourself stressing over computer issues. It’s worth the introspection. I’m sure it’s even “heart-healthy”. Next, come check out our website and demo our solutions for yourself at www.offsitedatasync.com. Take some of that New Year’s resolution energy and check us out. Your company, employees, IT staff and your body will thank you.

More to come later…