Symantec, the data security and management company, has stated that it is phasing out its Backup Exec.Cloud service. This euphemistic statement translates simply into customers will be unable to buy, or renew, service contracts from service providers starting January 6, 2014. Also, effective January 6, 2015, service contracts will no longer be available and the Cloud service will no longer exist.

Backup Exec.Cloud is Symantec’s PC and server backup solution available in cloud and hybrid configurations in Symantec’s data center and on-premise infrastructure. When asked for a comment on this drastic change, Symantec said it was simplifying its product lineup.

Symantec issued the following statement regarding migration from its Cloud to other providers. “We are here to help you navigate this process, but we are not able to provide any data migration services as part of this announcement,” Symantec said in its FAQ section. Customers’ data in the cloud will be deleted after their subscriptions expire. However, customers shouldn’t have to download all the data after expiration because it will already exist on their own PCs and servers. The service is a near-term backup that maintains data for only 90 days. These statements ignited a frenzy of uncertainty as current customers scramble to figure out migration solutions, as well as alternate Cloud backup providers.

OffsiteDataSync, is one such company offering technical migration assistance, as well as discounts to its own solution, OffsiteCloud. The offer is extended to current Backup Exec.Cloud customers. The company offers a seamless transition plan into its enterprise Cloud backup environment. Call 585-257-0254, or toll free 888-800-4380 for more information regarding OffsiteDataSync’s Private Cloud.

OffsiteDataSync holds international presence and partnerships and provides data retention, disaster recovery and cloud computing services to some of the nation’s largest organizations. Headquartered in Rochester, NY, the company also operates out of three data centers in Rochester, Philadelphia and Las Vegas.