Another year is winding down and another one is gearing up. Revenue forecasts and capital investment plans at many organizations are already in place for 2015. Yet as 2014 ends, it is not uncommon for some companies in their budgetary processes to be required to exhaust all their funding by year end.

IT departments, like many other departments, are required to keep a close eye on their budgets. And as so often happens along the course of the year, cuts and adjustments are made in accordance with cash-flow and incoming sales. Perhaps your IT funds have weathered some budgetary adjustments along the way and your plans to implement an upgrade or initial purchase for a disaster recovery and backup solution have been put on a temporary hold until a more profitable quarter.

But it’s now the end of the year and surprisingly, there are some limited funds available, but not enough. What are your options? Is there still time to find and implement a year-end solution that better positions and protects your company’s valuable IT assets?

The answer is yes. Below are some business considerations for obtaining and implementing that DR plan you wanted, and in time for your budget’s year-end spending.

1.     Purchase New or Upgrade with an Industry-certified Partner

Cloud solutions for DRaaS and IaaS offer numerous benefits for companies seeking to establish a robust solution for their data systems. Foremost is the cost advantage compared to implementing a stand-alone hardware backup solution. Advances in new cloud technologies and datacenters using cloud, continue to develop at a rapid pace, and at attractive price points.

A second advantage is the ability to speed the initial setup and implementation with a secure, cloud-based solution that can be tailored to meet your data requirements, regardless of data volume.

OffsiteDataSync is a Veeam Gold Pro Partner for Veeam’s new Cloud Connect v8 platform. As such, our team is well-versed in providing the expertise needed to manage these exciting new updates from Veeam. The end result for your business is the assurance of working with a certified Cloud Connect Launch Partner that can provide your business with always-on availability with 15 minutes Recovery Time Objectives (RTOs) and Recovery Point Objectives (RPOs) for every application landscape.

2.     Co-Funding from Other Departments

So let’s say your budget is just shy from what you need to implement a DRaaS solution. One option to explore is obtaining co-funding from other departments. Again, it’s not uncommon for other departments to potentially have some limited funds available, too.

The value of a DRaaS solution across an enterprise cannot be understated. Natural and man-made incidents happen. A company or non-profit may have spent years in making itself in to a well-established organization. Yet it can be lost in a matter of moments. Or perhaps, a department has a critical file with months of work invested into the project and it gets accidentally deleted. Near real-time access to these files can save a company millions.

Every department benefits from a DRaaS solution; from sales and marketing, to HR, customer service, engineering and manufacturing. Having each department contribute to a cloud backup solution is one way to quickly arrive at a year-end implementation that benefits the entire company.

Having your top IT executive send out an exploratory e-mail request or phone call can help jump start this approach.

3.     Does Your Cloud DR and Backup Solution Meet Government and Industry Compliances?

Companies spend millions of dollars on meeting or exceeding their industry’s federal compliance regulations and standards. OffsiteDataSync has taken great strides to research and provide leading compliance regulations across a wide range of industries to assure our customers of the strictest level of compliance to their industry’s mandated regulations.

OffsiteDataSync’s backup and disaster recovery solutions are certified to the United States and Canadian Government’s Federal Information Processing Standards (FIPS 140 Level 2). Our solutions are compliant with stringent medical, legal, financial and other governmental regulations, meeting and / or exceeding regulatory specifications. The FIPS publications are guidelines that set best practices for cryptographic modules of software and hardware computer security products.

 If you would like to know more on how we can meet your compliance standards for your business, I invite you to send us an e-mail to discuss. You can send your request to

And as always, we’re a phone call or e-mail away to discuss your needs for a DR and backup solution, whether for this year or next.