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Video_VeeamON2017  (Clip)

Day 1 of VeeamON 2017 was full of action, partner strategy, and social goodies.

VeeamON 2017_Sriracha Giveaway

VeeamON 2017_Sriracha

What were attendees saying the best highlights were?

You’re about to find out!

We’re rounding up the best partner strategy highlights from day 1!

VeeamON 2017 Day 1: Partner Day

Day 1 kicked off with Veeam’s co-CEO and President Peter McKay keynote speech “Embrace the Future with Veeam”.

VeeamON 2017_Peter McKay

VeeamON 2017_Peter McKay

In his Day 1 keynote, Peter McKay shared with the audience that Veeam’s Net Promoter Score is twice of the industry average!

Danny Allan, VP of Cloud & Alliance Strategy talk about how Veeam keeps strengthening its leadership position in BaaS and DRaaS market by partnering with cloud service providers around the globe today.

One of the breakout sessions I attended was a panel discussion with our Channel Manager, Sean Arnold on “Partner to Win: The VCSP Partner and Reseller Go-to-Market Strategy”.

Sean talked about how we build relationships and business models to drive cloud revenue with resellers, including:

  • Old fashioned reseller model or white label services, how to choose the right model when working with a VCSP.
  • Communication is the key when it comes to unclear boundaries
  • How to choose the right VCSP to work with and factors to consider when evaluating a Cloud Provider

You can watch the clip here: VeeamON2017_Partner to Win