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Ransomware attacks.

They are on the rise and you hear of a cyber-attacks almost daily. An overabundance of news can make us complacent, but for your customer’s business sake, please don’t ignore the data. Per an IDC white paper1, bad actors have an 89% ransomware success rate in which 93% result in data corruption or loss.

Consider this.

Not if, but when, your organization experiences a ransomware attack, will your organization survive the incident? If you ran your last backup two days ago, how are you going to ensure full recovery? What happens when all your public-facing systems are down while you try to get your data back?

Mitigating risk.

The threat of an encrypted environment and ransom payout can be avoided with a proactive solution and procedure that ensures a quick recovery with minimal data loss or downtime. Defend your business from the lasting effects of cyber threats like ransomware.

The new reality.

We are in an era of change and the need for continuous data protection is crucial, with granularity even more so. Forget about paying ransom and recreating lost work. Avoid the high cost of cyber threats and build a strong process that’s focused on cyber resilience.

Learn how to survive ransomware and safeguard your data.

Successfully prepare for, respond to, and recover from a cyber-attack, join OffsiteDataSync and Zerto for our educational webinar:

Managing the Ransomware Response: Ensuring IT Resilience through Recovery”

July 23, 2020 at 2 PM EDT

  • Ransomware attack reality: from scope to business impact
  • Ransomware response challenges: pitfalls to avoid before an attack
  • Turning response into cyber resilience: practical strategies to ensure data recovery
  • The role of a managed response: getting help to ensure a successful outcome

Featuring Travis Evans, sales engineer, OffsiteDataSync; John Cousens, cloud architect, Zerto; Nick Cavalancia, cybersecurity expert, Techvangelism; and Robert Bird, cloud account executive, Zerto.