As the lead engineer at a backup service provider, IT admins are always asking me “What is your backup software of choice?” I smile, and usually give a little laugh, because this is one of the few questions I get that I have an easy answer for: Veeam. I love Veeam, of the six (and counting) backup and replication platforms I deal with on a day-to-day basis, Veeam stands tall among the crowd. Why do I love Veeam so much? Quite simply, it just works, and it keeps working. It works so well that if you don’t have it set to notify you of successful backups, you might forget it’s even there! To make it even better, when on the rare occasion something does go wrong with Veeam, their support is always there to help me out, and quite exceptional.

Have I mentioned the scalability? I love that to increase backup throughput, I just need to add more proxies, and if I need more space, I deploy more backup repositories. Having the ability to use almost any Linux machine as a backup repository is the hidden gem of Veeam, something I can’t believe you don’t see more of. Forget those crazy priced rack-mounted NAS boxes, with a little Linux know-how you can create massive backup storage that is extremely reliable without installing any additional software. Gone are the days where I need to advise customers to buy bigger monolithic storage systems or larger servers to backup their infrastructure, and whose boss would complain about spending less and getting more?

That’s not to say Veeam doesn’t have it’s flaws. It certainly doesn’t help with the all too prevalent physical servers that still seem to loom around, and is lacking in support for the lower market share hypervisors (Citrix, RHEV, etc.). As a service provider and Linux guru, one feature I’d like to see is a Linux based proxy, or even support for a database other than MS-SQL. A multi-tenated solution for vCloud Director would be awesome too, but I’m happy to see them just keep up the quality they have now. The people over at Veeam certainly have made a believer out of this admin.