Watch Video Premier Veeam-Based Server Replication and Recovery Build Your Cloud Smooth, Seamless, Reliable
A Scalable Solution

"We searched for a company to partner with that
shared our vision of a scalable solution customized
to our specific needs rather than having to fit our needs
into a static disaster recovery model."

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Cloud Computing

Cloud ComputingUnprecedented power and control over a highly available cloud computing infrastructure.

Disaster Recovery

Disaster RecoveryMission-critical data is replicated, in real-time, to an actively waiting backup server.

Data Retention

Data RetentionThe ideal solution for organizations concerned with data loss and regulation requirements.


8.28.14 - OffsiteDataSync Expanding Local Data Center Presence

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OffsiteDataSync and Veeam are partnering up to offer you two tours of the modern data center at VeeamON, October 8th. Sign Up Today!


"On a moment's notice the ATF or FBI can demand records from our database and archive system. With the utmost confidence and speed, AmChar can answer these requests quickly and efficiently. The ODS product is reliable and the service is second-to-none!"

Fred Webb
Chief Technical Officer
AmChar Wholesale, National Arms Wholesale

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