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A Scalable Solution

"We searched for a company to partner with that
shared our vision of a scalable solution customized
to our specific needs rather than having to fit our needs
into a static disaster recovery model."

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Cloud Computing

Cloud ComputingUnprecedented power and control over a highly available cloud computing infrastructure.

Disaster Recovery

Disaster RecoveryMission-critical data is replicated, in real-time, to an actively waiting backup server.

Data Retention

Data RetentionThe ideal solution for organizations concerned with data loss and regulation requirements.


8.28.14 - OffsiteDataSync Expanding Local Data Center Presence

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"On a hectic Monday morning, our scheduling software became inaccessible with rampant corruption. The developers recommended a restore of our most recent backup file. Thanks to OffsiteDataSync our backup file wasn't a day or a week ago - it was only 2 minutes prior. With the expertise and the technology offered by OffsiteDataSync our office was up and running in minutes - a potential disaster completely avoided! Kudos, OffsiteDataSync!"

Ed Fiandach
Founding Partner
Fiandach & Fiandach
Rochester, NY

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