It’s exciting to be able to announce that OffsiteDataSync is one of a few companies in the U.S. that has been chosen to help beta test the v7 sequel, Veeam’s Availability Suite v8. The news conveys that OffsiteDataSync is recognized by Veeam as an organization that demonstrates über proficiency in understanding backup and replication of virtual machines (VMs). Our in-house technical team received the “nod” from Veeam to test and help shape one of the software industry’s most awarded and innovative products – a milestone achievement!

Okay, on to tech matters – the software, and what we can do with it. The coolest feature is probably the NEW Veeam Cloud Connect technology, which allows us to easily manage multi-tenant backup repositories and you to ship data via SSL, rather than setting up a site-to-site VPN to securely transport your data. This enables organizations, through a company like OffsiteDataSync (wink-subtle, I know), to quickly send mission critical backup data to a fortified, offsite data center.  In turn, this provides geographic diversity to the customer.

News-Veeam-Gold-Pro-Partner-LogoReplication is also something that is of paramount importance. It’s not pointless to only use this backup solution (your head is not buried in the sand), but we encourage customers to utilize Veeam’s VM replication capabilities as well.  In the event that you have a disaster like an appliance crashing, it’s nice to be able to fail over to a warm server waiting in the data center of your choice. In our case, we offer customers the choice to place data in Rochester, NY, Philadelphia, PA and Las Vegas, NV – safe places that are for the most part disaster-free.

My next point will be brief, but hopefully exciting.  OffsiteDataSync will store data using the new software-defined storage (SDS) offering from CEPH. By utilizing CEPH, we can store data more efficiently than what was ever thought possible through RAID and clustering. Because of CEPH’s CRUSH algorithm, there is no single point of failure when using CEPH storage. Also, there is built-in fault tolerance through storage-level replication. Because OffsiteDataSync is also using CEPH on new, energy efficient, enterprise-level hard drives that are available at commodity hardware pricing, we can offer a more robust solution that is also cheaper and easier to manage.

Cheers to always being ON! Hope to see you at VeeamON where you’ll be able to tour our Las Vegas data center.