This pandemic will no doubt make every short-list of “world’s worst events” for decades to come. But the lockdowns themselves won’t last that long. 

At some point in the relatively near future, your company will find its way back to something resembling normal operations—even if that doesn’t look exactly like the pre-COVID normal. So now is the time to think about the steps you can take to prepare your organization, your staff, and your digital infrastructure to emerge stronger and more prepared for life after the pandemic. 

Here are a few suggestions.

1. Train (or retrain) your employees on cybersecurity basics

As pointed out in an earlier article, the COVID-19 confusion brought out cybercriminals in record numbers. Phishing attacks spiked nearly 700% in the month the quarantines began.

Even if your company managed to quickly secure its data and systems in the early stages of the pandemic, the fact that so many businesses fell victim to these attacks in recent months should serve as a reminder of the need to make sure your employees have basic cybersecurity awareness. Take some time now to:

2. Put a true DRaaS solution in place

The next disaster to hit your company probably won’t be as dramatic and headline-grabbing as a worldwide pandemic. It could be an office flood, or an earthquake, or a downed power line in your area that renders your office inaccessible to your entire staff for days or longer.

To be truly prepared for the next disaster, you need the ability to quickly and fully replicate your company’s business operations from another location. This includes being able to restore your entire digital network from anywhere—all applications, operating systems, folders, and files. 

A comprehensive disaster recovery solution will require more than backing up your digital infrastructure and making it accessible from anywhere—although that is certainly part of the equation. But you’ll also want to start thinking more broadly about the other business continuity issues that your team will face. 

The right DRaaS partner can help you outline a plan that will address questions such as:

3. Find the best cloud-service partners 

One lesson most businesses have learned from the pandemic is that we can’t afford any vulnerabilities when it comes to any aspect of our critical digital infrastructure. For example, companies that didn’t have IT communication solutions capable of working from anywhere found their employees struggling to do their jobs without the communication tools they had at work.

The same is true of your backup and DR plans. If you’re trusting your mission-critical data and applications to an unproven backup provider, you might not realize your staff won’t be able to access the data they need to keep your company running—until after a disaster has already struck.

OffsiteDataSync has protected businesses’ critical IT systems for more than 20 years. In fact, Veeam, the world’s #1 cloud data management company, named OffsiteDataSync as its 2019 North American “Partner of the Year.” 

When it comes to safeguarding the data and systems your company couldn’t operate without, don’t trust any backup and DR provider but the very best.  

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