The celebration of a New Year comes with both traditions and resolutions. Traditions are what keeps the New Year familiar; in the South, you’re eating collards and black-eyed peas. Locally, some kick off the year with heart clogging Polish sausage and sauerkraut. Thankfully, college football gives us its best games of the season, and we can all raise a glass to something. Inevitably, there’s a piece of us that opines for a better version of ourselves, our people and our businesses, and we resolve to embark upon an actionable goal in the New Year. January is hit or miss, February feels longer than 28 days and ultimately our wager placed in good faith on ourselves is dissolved by mid-March. But what if we weren’t so taken by the expectations of the holidays, and instead raised our beverage of choice as a promise? Unlike a resolution, a promise has the potential to gain momentum. A good promise demolishes resolutions as your momentum builds and before you know it, your promise is impacting your life in ways your resolutions never could. This New Year, reflect on the successes and lessons learned in the past and use those to shape your future.


Partner to Win: the Smart Sales Method, Wednesday, January 18

Our Promise to You

As we continue celebrating the successes of 2016, being selected Veeam’s Partner of the Year, named to the “20 Most Promising Cloud Providers” by CIO Review and being ranked among the “Top 25 Global Cloud Service Provider” named by Talkin’ Cloud, we look forward to 2017 with great anticipation. A tremendous amount of time and effort have allowed us to craft a vision for the New Year that is partner-centric. For the first time, our partners will have dedicated resources, both organic and digital that will contribute to your success. So that you may gain momentum in your promises to your business, your promises to your people and your promises to yourselves.’

So here is our Partner Manifesto for 2017. These are our promises to you.

OffsiteDataSync cloud solutions will improve your profitability

The more customers you protect with an offsite recovery solution through us, the larger your margins. In 2017, you’ll see new ways to generate revenue as our partner. We are really excited about Veeam Availability Orchestrator, DR Planning as a service, and ExaGrid as a Service to start.

OffsiteDataSync will save your organization time and allow you to focus on your core competencies

There is no service that we will deliver for your customers thatdoesn’t come with the resources to implement it. Additionally, our knowledgebase is growing. Is your customer interested in seeing a replication fail-over demo? Check out our video library, we’re chock full of them. Providing these resources to our partners allows you to be more deft with your resources; allocating your labor spend toward projects that better reflect your core competencies.

OffsiteDataSync will give you agile resources that adapt to market and industry trends

Our most exciting project is comingquickly, and changes the game for our partners. In the coming months, we will introduce you to our partner portal – a one-stop shop for everything supporting your OffsiteDataSync offerings. Registering a deal is quick, white-labeling assets is intuitive, training videos are a click away, service creation is autonomous. We are so proud of this new piece of our arsenal, and we cannot wait to put it in your hands.

OffsiteDataSync will be an extension of your team

Whether our partners require assistance closing a deal, quoting a customer, troubleshooting or influence finding new customers, we are going to be here. Need more leads? Call us. Trying to relay the importance of cloud backups in the modern business landscape? Let us help you. Want to celebrate a big win? Let us share in your joy. We are your partner, and we hope that you allow us to support you, build you up and share in your success this year.

With this transparency comes a sense of vulnerability. We recognize that these are lofty ambitions—but fear won’t cause us to shrink back. It’s safe to say that most New Year’s resolutions fall by the wayside. Do you really think about your caloric intake resolution as you sit down to Thanksgiving dinner? Yeah, we don’t either. But when your promises align with your desire to open your mind to new experiences, contribute more to in your sphere of influence or better reflect the person you strive to become, there’s an unstoppable momentum driving that promise. So, expect to hear from us more – all good things with your success in mind. Expect us to give you cool new toys. Try to ask us questions, we plan on asking you a few. Expect more money in your pocket, and most of all expect us to help you put it there.

Happy New Year!