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Organizations are evaluating their use of technology and moving workloads to the cloud that they hadn’t originally planned to migrate.

Dan Timko, chief strategy officer for cloud backup at J2 Global

Forrester has forecasted tech spending in light of COVID-19, with the best-case scenario being a 5 percent decline in 2020. Even with this projection, cloud services is “one of the few bright spots” in the tech landscape, according to this article from TechTarget.

Cloud services are especially accommodating for the unpredictable, allowing for billing based on consumption, the ability to access data from anywhere (like your dining room table), and multiple storage options.

Disaster recovery as a service (DRaaS) is showing “staying power” in the industry. J2 Global, of which OffsiteDataSync is a part, is still actively moving ahead with acquisitions and customer onboarding, said Dan Timko, chief strategy officer for cloud services at J2 Global.

The cloud’s flexibility has helped businesses keep the doors open in this time of uncertainty.

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