Disaster Recovery (DRaaS)

Mission-critical data is replicated, in real-time,
to an actively waiting backup server.

Disk Crashes, Power Failures, Human Error, Natural Disasters

Today’s threats are real enough and the impact can grind day-to-day operations to solid stop. At best, disasters are costly. At worst company reputations are ruined, data is irretrievably lost and lawsuits follow. Unfortunately that’s often the wakeup call to action.


It Just Makes Sense

With reliable and affordable solutions on the market today, why leave your organization vulnerable? From simple and affordable onsite/offsite data backup mechanisms to customized solutions for real-time replication of data, servers and entire environments, the options are plentiful. We provide service not just during a disaster, but before one ever strikes.

Hands-On or Hands-Off Testing

Whether or not you’re a DR expert, OffsiteDataSync is prepared and has the right level of service for you. From defining RTO’s (Recovery Time Objectives) and RPO’s (Recovery Point Objectives) to full-scale DR testing, we help identify both process and technical weaknesses that could arise during a real disaster event.

We’ve taken extreme technical measures to ensure environmental consistency, availability and compatibility:

  • Extreme SSD based storage performance options
  • Direct network connectivity including MPLS, NLAN, eLine and more
  • High speed WAN connectivity marked by low latency top tier carriers
  • Physical and virtual machine (VM) recovery
  • Prebuilt production networks in a hosted DR environment
  • Dedicated compute resources or pay-as-you go burst capabilities
  • All data center facilities used by OffsiteDataSync have passed an SSAE-16 audit

Support for the Modern IT Landscape

Microsoft SQL is an application that typically houses and runs some of the most critical data within an organization. Expertise is key, and a range of available options speaks volumes. Options include transactional integrity, log shipping, and VSS aware / crash consistent recovery.

Microsoft Exchange: We would be hard-pressed to find a more essential application required for day-to-day operation. OffsiteDataSync offers MX record redundancy and caching, and DNS record failover, as well as Dynamic reallocation of all mailboxes and Public Folders.

Alternate OS’s are anything but. In today’s compute world CentOS, Ubuntu, RHEL and the many other versions of Linux have become mainstream. Running EXT2/3/4, ReiserFS or XFS?  Rest assured, we have your back.

Bring It, Buy It
or Rent It
Have a platform? Need a platform? We’ve got you covered with options to purchase, rent or bring your own license. We’ll help you select the most appropriate solution for your needs and concerns while also watching the bottom line.

The OffsiteDataSync ExaGrid-as-a-Service solution. is the premier hosted cloud storage replication platform on the market. Based on the ExaGrid storage platform, OffsiteDataSync and ExaGrid have partnered to launch a hosted storage replication target that boasts excellent deduplication ratios, end-to-end vendor support and snap-in compatibility with major backup and replication software vendors.

SAN-to-SAN Replication
Leverage the power of SAN-to-SAN replication for Nimble Storage, Dell EqualLogic and NetApp array platforms from certified replication provider. Mitigate risk and prevent data loss by using a vendor tested, certified and approved configuration.

StorageCraft ShadowProtect Server Backup & Replication
Bare metal systems do and will continue to exist for a subset of applications. ShadowProtect is a feature rich platform for physical server protection integrating
the best of image-based backups.

Veeam Backup and Replication services provide top performance and reliability for both ESXi and Hyper-V hypervisors. With Veeam Replication, virtual machines are always in a ready-to-start state. We’re 1 of 5 official Veeam Cloud Connect launch partners, so take advantage today!

VMware Site Recovery Manager
VMware is the dominant hypervisor on the market. With an unmatched feature set VMware’s Site Recovery Manager is the go-to platform for guaranteed and scripted recovery in the mid-tier market segment.

OffsiteDataSync is a leading service provider for Zerto solutions. The Zerto replication platform is designed for virtual environments running both VMware ESXi and Microsoft Hyper-V hypervisors. For organizations with aggressive RTO and RPO requirements, Zerto provides enterprise-class disaster recovery and is installable in minutes with no downtime. Orchestration simplicity and automation of the entire recovery process are trademark features of the Zerto platform.

We Know What You’re Thinking

No, really. When disaster strikes, we know what your most pressing questions will be. We’ve been in the line of fire thousands of times and under every circumstance. We’ll be able to answer key questions about:

Speed and Recovery Time

With near-zero data loss options you’ll be back in business in no-time. In fact, you’ll be able to work while a failover is taking place. With the correct planning your Tier1 applications will have little or no downtime at all. The result: an easier bottom-line impact.


Our full range of support includes phone, email and where applicable, onsite engineers. We’re here to guide and lend our expertise during your greatest time of need.

Failover and Failback

We’re here to support you long-term (work from the cloud), or short term through your disaster. If your plan involves failing back to a rebuilt location, our goal is to accommodate whatever your needs may be.