Enterprise & Private Cloud (IaaS)

Enterprise Infrastructure with unlimited horsepower at your fingertips. OffsiteDataSync’s Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) platform offers a flexible and powerful way to meet organizational IT objectives without continual investment in depreciating assets.

Deploy complete production workloads and geographically diverse end-to-end network redundancy to provide the data center availability demanded by today’s always-on business. Need Tier IV certifications? Certified compliance & comprehensive security? Geographical diversity? Check, check and check – we’ve got your enterprise needs covered!

Enterprise Cloud:


From elastic compute resources to burstable bandwidth and tiered storage IOPS, OffsiteDataSync’s Enterprise Cloud IaaS platform provides dynamic allocation of resources to meet the changing climate of IT.

Security You Can Rely on From a Provider You Can Trust

With a nod and a wink to our security experts, we’re proud to say we have a green light for SAS-70, SSAE-16, PCI and HIPAA compliance along with many more. The number one thing on our agenda is security (don’t worry; availability is a very close second). We are trusted guardians of your data, your network and your livelihood.


Just as a tailor precisely creates the perfect fit – if your network requires a little adjusting, OffsiteDataSync is the tailor of choice. We provide dynamic capacity bandwidth, geographically diverse protection and enterprise licensing a la carte.


Build as much or a little as you need. Build in the West and build in the East. Load balance between and add backup & DRaaS as needed.

Absolutely, Positively Reliable

The greatest of care has gone into each solution and offering provided by OffsiteDataSync. Top to bottom redundancies have been implemented in every data center, each piece of infrastructure equipment and all platform deployments. Our commitment to uptime excellence isn’t lip service on our website, it was accomplished through dedication and a core value of discipline.

Seeing is Believing

Come see for yourself; every Thursday at 10AM we provide tours of our facilities and show you under the hood of our operations. Some things you have to see to believe. Our reliability just might be one of them.

Enterprise Cloud Tech Specs:

  • Resource Pools ranging from 4GB RAM and 2 vCPUs, to 1PB RAM and 1,000 vCPUs
  • Up to 75,000 dedicated IOPS ( yes, that’s 75K IOPS)
  • Highly Available VMware edge gateway technology
  • A la carte software licensing from VMware and Microsoft
  • Complete Windows and Linux Operating System portfolio
  • All data center facilities used by OffsiteDataSync have passed an SSAE-16 audit

Private Cloud:

Limitless power with no overhead. Highly available infrastructure and server resources, minus the headache.  Privately leveraged compute and storage resources provide unquestionable security and capabilities. A-la-carte hypervisor and OS of choice OffsiteDataSync’s private cloud environments are not only familiar, they’re based on your technology of choice.

Unleash Your Inner-Geek

With root access to host hardware, hypervisors and highly available private firewalls the entire power of your private cloud is at your creative disposal. NAT, DHCP, IPSec, and VPN are a few of the virtually limitless configuration options you’ll be able to leverage. Topped with fast provisioning of storage and additional server nodes, the OffsiteDataSync private cloud offering lets you get to down to business fast and with greater flexibility than ever before.

Rock. Solid. Security.

Available across the US and hosted in top tier data centers, the OffsiteDataSync private cloud solution meets the needs of SAS-70, SSAE-16, PCI, HIPAA, and ITAR compliance initiatives along with many more. Sleep well knowing that options are boundless:

  • Intrusion Detection and Prevention
  • End-to-End AES 256 Bit Encryption
  • Layer 2, 3 and physical security
  • Encrypted production and backup storage options

Extend, Build & Interconnect

With private line provisioning and cloud-connect integration, your private cloud is designed to be an extension of your in-house infrastructure. Tired of being in the data center business? The OffsiteDataSync IaaS model is the choice of America’s fortune 500 and can be yours too.

Tech Specs

  • Up to 512 GB RAM per node
  • Up to 75,000 dedicated IOPS ( yes, that’s 75K IOPS)
  • Private and Highly Available Firewalls
  • A la carte software licensing from VMware and Microsoft
  • Complete Windows and Linux Operating System portfolio