New Options Provide Advanced Backup Choices for Customers with Physical and Virtual Windows-based Servers and Desktops

This month Veeam released its Endpoint Backup software to the IT community. This powerful image-level backup option enables companies to protect their physical Window-based servers, desktops and laptops in OffsiteDataSync cloud repositories seamlessly through Veeam’s Endpoint Backup.

As a Veeam Cloud Connect Partner, we are relentless in our pursuit of advanced solutions for our customers and we are very excited about this new development. We have worked extensively to fully integrate this powerful option for our customers and it’s available right now.

Our cloud architects have set the precedent for durable Veeam Endpoint backups leveraging offsite protection through our Veeam Cloud Connect service offering. Over the past few months we’ve combined the latest in Veeam Endpoint technology with our expertise in offsite data protection and data availability through Veeam Cloud Connect.

The result for customers is a unified and smooth platform for both physical and virtual server protection delivered from our secure data center facilities across the United States. We’ve established the benchmark for protection of the hybrid (virtual and physical) landscape that persists in corporate environments.

If you would like to know more about our integrated Veeam Cloud Connect solution with Endpoint Backup and how you can get started right away, contact us at and we’ll walk you through the process.

You can learn more about Veeam’s Endpoint Backup from their website: