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Here’s the harsh reality in today’s B2B marketplace: 74% of all sales people have less than 20% of the skills required to sell competitively in today’s B2B marketplace. (Source: The Smart Sales Method 2016)
In other words, what used to work in B2B sales doesn’t work anymore.
Having dealt with this challenge ourselves, we’ve spent a lot of time to discover what’s working NOW:
Instead of asking a prospect (Let’s call him Ted) if he’s interested in buying something, we open up a conversation by talking about HIS competitive advantage (not how great our product or services is). Here’s an actual script we use:
“We work every day with executives like you to improve XYZ (be it operational effectiveness, compliance, sales results, etc.) by providing ABC (our product or services). Is that of interest to you?”
Unless there’s nothing Ted wants to improve in his business (which doesn’t happen very often), the answer will be “Yes”. This triggers his survival instinct.
Then we’ll follow up with a question “Why? Why now? Tell me more…”
That gets prospects to think about their goals, their motivations, the pressure they deal with on a daily basis. In a word, it’s triggering their emotions.
When that happens, we then suggest a conversation to fully assess if their desirable business results is do-able. This time, we deal with their logic.
We follow this process because many research studies have suggested that there are three reasons that motivate people and organizations to buy:
#1. Survival: This origins from Dr. Abraham Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs. According to Maslow, people buy to satisfy needs, and no need is more strong and basic than the fundamental need to survive, both personally and professionally.
#2. Emotion: We’re human beings after all. It might be the executive’s ambition to grow the business twofold; it might be the manager’s fear that his job is on the line.
#3. Logic: Well, it has to make sense. Think about organizations that adopt Six Sigma to cut waste.
So instead of focusing on only one of the three when we sell B2B, we use this process to be sure to thoroughly address all three.
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*Source: Worldleaders, Inc.