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Thank you for your interest in the Partner to Win webinar series. We look forward to your joining us!In the meantime, please enjoy the most recent mini-lesson in the series and explore other topics that may be of interest to you:

You may be wondering, ‘Why the Fit Assessment?’

When done right, the Fit Assessment can help your organization close as many as 70% of the sales it pursues. You will become practiced in positioning your company as a thought leader within your industry and your market. Studies indicate that the #1-factor affecting B2B sales decisions is whether your organization is considered a trusted thought leader among your colleagues and competitors

How have we done this at OffsiteDataSync?

-by focusing on these two essentials:

  • The customer’s readiness and ability to achieve their goals (financial, technical, logistical, etc.)
  • Key decision makers, influencers, and end-users

Now, bear in mind: the Fit Assessment is NOT equal to Product Presentation

In other words, you are assessing the prospect and THEIR ability to implement your solution, not your actual products or services.

You can do so by asking a set of very specific questions. You and your team may have already developed similar questions and that’s great! Feel free to share these as well as any new tactics you may develop, we revel in your success!

To get you started one of our partners has volunteered the questions from their own Fit Assessment:

  • ‘How would X impact your business?’
  • ‘What are some of the risks involved in moving forward? Not moving forward?’
  • ‘What is a REALISTIC timeline for completion of X, Y, and Z?’
  • ‘What are your greatest priorities at this time? Where does X fall?’

Lesson 2: Homework

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Here’s to doubling your sales in 2017!

Sean Arnold, Channel Account Executive
OffsiteDataSync, Inc.








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